• Raven v2
    Raven #15 – Night Fall (2)

    Brother Night makes Boston Brand a compelling offer—turn Rachel Roth over to him, and Boston will not only get the opportunity to avenge his death, but he’ll even get a new body to inhabit. But is the Deadman willing to betray his friend? “Night Fall” continues, by Wesley Overhults!

  • Superman
    Superman #11 – Fire in the Sky (1)

    After his encounter with Kenny Braverman, Superman has questions about where his powers come from and what ARGUS is. Meanwhile, what is the strange technology Amanda Waller has acquired, and what does it have to do with a scientist named Milton Fine? “Fire in the Sky” begins here by Dino Pollard!

  • Justice League
    Justice League #1 – The Conqueror (1)

    J’onn J’onzz, a refugee from Mars, has been living quietly on Earth since the 1950s. But now, when Superman discovers a strange creature in the Persian Gulf, it could mean the beginning of the end! By Dino Pollard.

  • Raven v2
    Raven #14 – Night Fall (1)

    Rachel is contacted by a man named Boston Brand, who wants justice for a murder—his own! And June and the Enchantress pay a visit to Sebastian Faust in order to learn more about Brother Night. An all-new story-arc begins here, by Wesley Overhults!

  • Superman
    Superman #10 – Smallville (3)

    Something’s wrong with Kenny Braverman, but can Clark Kent manage to figure out what while also navigating the chilly waters of social interaction with his high school classmates? Superman himself makes a brief return to small-town life in the conclusion to “Smallville,” by Dino Pollard!

  • Batman
    Batman #11 – Be-Riddled (1)

    After the liberation of Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne’s life is about to become a series of question marks–that is, it will if the Riddler has his way! Joined by a host of question-themed sidekicks, the Riddler decides to take on the Batman! But how long before he hits too close to home? Find out in the first part of “Be-Riddled,” by Jason McDonald!

  • Raven v2
    Raven #13 – Sweet Dreams

    Raven has been a thorn in Brother Night’s side for too long. It’s time to strike back–and how else do you get to Raven but by bringing her inner demons to life? Will she be able to hold her own against the power of her own nightmares? Find out in “Sweet Dreams,” by Wesley Overhults!

  • Showcase
    Showcase #4 – Nobody Frags With My Hog (1)

    The Main Man makes his DC Omega debut in a tale that sends him rip-roaring across the spaceways, leaving a path of bodies in his wake. By the time he’s done, will anyone in the galaxy be left alive? Find out in the first part of “Nobody Frags With My Hog!” by Jason McDonald.

  • Superman
    Superman #9 – Smallville (2)

    Clark Kent is back in Smallville! Between uncomfortable encounters with former friends and a mysterious death that seems to be about something bigger, will he learn that you really can’t go home again? Find out in part two of “Smallville,” by Dino Pollard!