• Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman #8 – The Path of Warriors (2)

    Diana and Steve head into the Lion’s den to face some modern day Nazi’s – But Diana’s past and present collide as they’re confronted by one of her own! Learn the fate of Diana’s Mother and prepare for the fight of Diana’s life on Man’s World (so far!) in Path of the Warrior Part II by Miranda Sparks!

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman #7 – The Path of Warriors (1)

    Recruited for Violence by “The Agency” Diana has doubts about her place in the World of Man, as well as her place alongside Steve Trevor. Ettehcandi finds that her past arrives at the point of a blade, and Hippolyta reaches out to Diana with Grave News! The Path of the Warrior begins, brought to you by new DC Omega Writer, Miranda Sparks!

  • Superman
    Superman #13 – Fire In The Sky (3)

    As Brainiac reveals himself to Superman, what exactly does self-proclaimed UFO Aficionado Lex Luthor have up his sleeve? And what exactly is Brainiac’s plan? Find out in Fire in the Sky, by Dino Pollard

  • Outsiders
    Outsiders #2 – Arkham

    As Katana and Owlman are inducted into the Outsiders, as they delve deeper into the Conspiracy surrounding Arkham Asylum, calling in favours which will haunt the team as they press forwards. Plus, As the Mystery deepens, new villains step into the light, ready to face the Outsiders on their home turf – all this and more in “Arkham” by Gavin McMahon”

  • Justice League
    Justice League #3 – The Conqueror (3)

    Snapper Carr knows a thing or two about Aliens…Or does he? The Heroes that Fight Together…Fight Each other? Wonder Woman braces for impact as Batman makes himself known to a Happy Harbour Detective. The Justice League’s formation continues in “The Conqueror Part 3” By Dino Pollard!

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern #14 – Clearly I Didn’t Think This Plan Through

    Kyle follows up with an acquaintance who now resides in a mental hospital, Terry gets love and life advice for Alex DeWitt, and Earth gets some unwanted attention–from the Green Lantern Corps! Green Lantern takes a turn for the weird in “Clearly I Didn’t Think This Plan Through,” by Tobias Christopher!

  • Outsiders
    Outsiders #1 – Outsider

    Katana is on a mission–a royal mission straight from the throne of Markovia–and it’s led her to Arkham Asylum! But what happens when a ragtag group with superpowers shows up when she’s mid-mission? Will they join her or get in her away? Find out in “Outsider,” by Gavin McMahon!

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern #13 – The Hunter (2)

    It’s the Green Lantern vs. the Hunter in a space showdown for the ages! But when Kyle is backed into a corner, he’ll seek help from a look into the past–at a Green Lantern named Sinestro! Plus, don’t miss the drama on Earth, as one of our supporting cast members isn’t quite what they seem! Check out part two of “The Hunter,” by Tobias Christopher!

  • Showcase
    Showcase #5 – Metamorphosis

    Follow the tale of the Pyramid of Ahk-Ton through the ages! Watch Urania Blackwell chase the dastardly Agent Orange into its depths! Witness the transformation of Rex Mason! Find out the fates of Emily Sung and her wayward friends! No one emerges the same in “Metamorphosis,” by Gavin McMahon!

  • Superman
    Superman #12 – Fire in the Sky (2)

    Superman is seeking answers about his past–and he needs help of the Martian Manhunter to get it! Will they find what he’s looking for? Plus, things get heated as Brainiac comes to Smallville! Will Superman arrive to save the day? Or will he find a foe who’s out of his league? Find out in part two of “Fire in the Sky” by Dino Pollard!